Dale Klee

Born in 1944, Dale Klee grew up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he had daily exposure to cars at his father’s Standard Service gas station. “I got extremely excited whenever an old coupe or convertible would pull in for gas. I was especially fond of the old Ford flatheads.” In school Dale was often caught drawing hot rods and cartoons.

In 1980, after the usual route through college and mainstream jobs, Dale decide to convert his hobby of painting abandoned cars and country places into a full-time occupation. The demand for rustic approach led to limited edition prints since 1990. “I like to think I’m painting for people who get an unexplainable thrill from discovering an abandoned old car. I hope my art, like the old cars themselves, stirs the imagination of the viewer. I’m doing what I love and grateful that so many people enjoy it.”

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